The Eden Virus


Book Information A group of seemingly unconnected people share three dreams that expose them to the origins of the human condition. Interwoven with the gripping and timeless story of Adam and Eve; a therapist, a Nobel Prize candidate, a young woman, an old man and Marc and Sue – a struggling couple – discover profound truth that will set them free.

EXTREMELY THOUGHT PROVOKING - It has been a long time since I read a book that made me stop and think as much as this book did. I even found myself writing notes in the margins. It is a well written, thought provoking read. It is very relevant in our often fast-paced and demanding lives. It definitely made me reflect upon my own life and relationships – Kindle Customer

BRILLIANT TALE OF SEEKING TRUTH - The Eden Virus is a true journey of self-discovery. The characters in the book are all looking for something important in their life, and through the wonderfully written tale they all find truth! Paul Barrieau weaves a story that keeps the reader eager to learn more, each page pulling us towards the end. I couldn't put it down. Loved it!!! – ABG

ARE WE IMPRINTED IN OUR THINKING - The Eden Virus challenges conventional thinking and it's basis. Are we imprinted by our exposures early in life and can we overcome behaviors? Is religion overly weighted in the algorithm we call life? Can our thinking evolve? My answers are yes, yes and yes! Perhaps it is more difficult for some than others, but in this modern fast moving society change is a certainty. Failure to evolve will lead to missing the boat. - Ed McCauley

It is so well written! … It was very engaging and had me constantly on the edge of my chair. I read the whole book in 3 days (and I am a very slow reader). - Paul L.

I found the book very intriguing and continue to think about it even now. - Jacque W.

IF YOU ENJOY SUSPENSEFUL BOOKS - From the first page, the author had my attention. The characters were well developed and the plot that connected them fascinating! I, literally, could not put this book down. If you enjoy suspenseful books, you will enjoy this journey! - Bev L.

AS A COLLEGE AGED READER - I normally shy away from reading anything that isn't required of me. That wasn't the case with The Eden Virus. The characters captivated me and made me want to continue reading so I could hear their stories. I also enjoyed how The Eden Virus made the Biblical story of Adam and Eve more relevant to today’s world. I will definitely be recommending this novel to my friends. - Samantha S.

This book is very creative, weaving experiences from several people together. The writing is engaging, and the interactions among characters become increasingly interesting as the book proceeds. It is a fast read and stimulates the reader's curiosity as to where it is going. All in all a very satisfying read. - Norm N.

AN INTRIGUING BOOK - When Paul first told me he’d written a book and asked if I’d read it and give him feedback, I was curious to learn what he’d written about. I said yes, of course, and read through the book in just a few days. I was excited about it; the story was great, the message both intriguing and thought provoking. It was a fairly easy read, yet Paul portrayed the human condition (in all of its wonder and craziness!) in a way I could totally relate to! Both the grammar and the characters needed a little "help", so when he asked me if I’d be interested in editing the book, I jumped at it! For a couple of reasons: One, there are so many important truths in the book, woven in and through the characters who are real people like you and me, and two, he didn’t give me the last chapter so I didn’t know how it ended! I hope you enjoy the end result... it was written for you. - Linda A.

THOUGHT PROVOKING This is a well-written and thought-provoking book that captures the reader's attention from the very beginning. Early on, a seed is planted in your mind that makes you want to get to the end to see how the story turns out for all the characters involved. The reader inhabits each character and intimately experiences their journeys. I strongly suggest going along for the ride. - Peter J.

INSIGHTFUL Paul. I finished reading your book…you did a fantastic job! I especially love the ending when you put your personal feelings and observations of life. You’re very insightful. – Patty C.

Author Bio: Paul Barrieau was born and raised in Maine, spending most of his life in the small paper mill town of Westbrook. He is the proud father of 4 and the devoted grandfather of 12. Now retired and living in Honolulu, Hawaii, he has taken his life-long passion for observing the world, people, cultures… life… and used some of those observations to weave this story for you.

Genre:Fiction: Christian - Suspense
Book Size:5.5 X 8.5
Page Count:186

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